Product Aftercare Guide

Our products have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring they are long-lasting and look their best whilst maintaining functionality throughout the course of their lifetime. To ensure your purchase maintains its aesthetic integrity and function, please follow the guidelines below.

General Aftercare (All Products)
After purchasing a product which requires fitting with tools, Please take extra care when using them. Whilst our products are of the highest quality certain materials can be damaged easily with a sharp tool (Or stained easily with dirty hands)
To maintain the appearance of the Alcantara please make sure you clean it every so often. The best way to clean this material is simply with a wet microfibre cloth and just rub gently up and down on the wheel and you will see the matt finish start to appear back into the wheel. Let the wheel dry for 30 minutes after its cleaned. As we all know Alcantara can start to wear down this is normally sped up when people do no clean the wheel. If you keep on top of this you will have a long lasting clean wheel.
Carbon Fibre 
The carbon part of your wheel whether that be forged or standard carbon can also easily be cleaned with either a wet microfibre cloth or quick detailer as this is great for getting some of the stubborn fingerprint marks out.
The Leather part of you wheel needs a bit more looking after then the other materials. It can start to look very shiny and dirty if its not cleaned. We recommend purchasing Hide leather cleanser which is sold by Auto Finesse. Simply spray on the solution gently rub in then buff out with a microfibre cloth. Once the leather is clean you will want to apply some sort of leather conditioner to keep the wheel look clean and soft.
Stitching Colour
You can also keep your stitch colour looking bright and clean by using a clean toothbrush a small drop of washing up liquid and half a cup of warm water. Simply scrub up and down on the stitch to brush away the dirt and uncover the colour again. 
Led Displays
You may experience your display disconnecting, this could be that you have disconnected the battery or unplugged your adaptor. To reconnect please follow these steps:
X Unplug and then Plug your Adaptor Back in
X Turn on your ignition
X Hold both buttons down for 5 seconds until the display turns on
X Hold down the right button until the Bluetooth menu shows
X Using the right button choose the adaptor to connect too
X The adaptor will then make re connect with the wheel
X Turn your car on and off and you wheel should be connected as normal
(If these steps do not work please contact us at