Berg Blog #1

We thought there may be some interest in blogging our journey maybe once a month as we come closer to opening the unit and building the brand as a whole.

This being the first one we thought we would just give everyone a quick insight on what we have achieved and done since we formed the company and what we have been up to this month.

So we have been open since August 2019 but have only really being trading properly for just over 1 year right when Covid was in full swing. Surprisingly though this seemed to boost sales for us as lots of customers were shopping online at the time. With more and more customers wanting fitting we were in the hunt of place to base Berg Tuning from. So in November last year we found a great unit for us to work out of. This made everything feel very real as we actually had our own space solely for berg tuning and could actually start building the brand we had been planning for so long.

The winter months were full of painting demolishing and building the unit up to make it a place of our own. Sales were still ticking over nicely and the brand was beginning to grow slowly but surely. February saw us install our hex lighting which as you may of seen on our socials completely transformed the space and has really given us a trendy bright area to work on cars and get some good pictures of course!

March & April were an absolutely crazy time for us. With orders sky rocketing especially the airbag covers we soon had to extend order fulfilment times to all custom work just so we could cope with all the work.

Now into May we are still awaiting the final part of the flooring for the main front space. The floor space in the 2nd area is also cleaned and ready to be painted in the next few weeks. We now also have the upstairs staff area nearly complete and a waiting room downstairs for customers. Although there is quite a bit of work still to do it really is starting to look great. We have also just become an authorised dealer for Ramair Filters which I'm sure most of you have heard of and can vouch for the great products they offer. This means we now sell all Ramair products on our website and it also attracts more customers as there are a wider variety of products for our customers. Hopefully you enjoyed reading through this first blog and it gave you a little insight into what we are up too. As we begin to grow more and more I'm sure these will get longer and longer and hopefully still interest you.


Thanks for reading

Berg Tuning